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About My Journey

My Story become my Mission: Saving your life - and the lives of your loved ones

February 27, 2013 became "my day with destiny!"  I hadn't been feeling well, tired, achy and felt like I had the flu.  I got up at 6 AM and reached for a cold towel and immediately collapsed.  Thankfully I had an "angel" in my presence:  Traci Ichter called 911 and immediately started compressing my chest to get my heart beating again. The Red Cross was so impressed by her quick action, they gave her an award of merit - here's her story.

The ambulance arrived and the paramedics gave me water and an aspirin which started dissolving the blood clot.  

Three resuscitations - and 10 days in a coma later - I "came to" with a new life - AND a mission: to save your life and the lives of others!  I want to use my new "lease" on life for others!   

Why Aspirin?

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 800,000 deaths in America every year.  One in three will die of a cardiovascular related disease and it happens more than you think:  EVERY 40 seconds someone has a heart attack, another has a stoke.

Fortunately dedicated medical professionals have been researching the impact of immediate treatment - something as simple as taking an aspirin and drinking water (yes, lack of hydration can lead to a heart attack, too!).  

Leading organizations like The Harvard 

Medical School have long cited the benefits of taking aspirin.  Additionally, the Mayo Clinic suggests that taking aspirin while having a heart attack can reduce heart damage by reducing the clotting of blood. 

Why Aspirin Life Saver? (Prototype - patent pending)

You've got a busy life: exercise, family, friends, work AND vacation.  Having access to the life saving benefits of aspirin now comes in a convenient key-chain attachment.  The ALSaver compact disc can hold up to 6 aspirin pills or other emergency medicine pills.  

Your life-saving system now travels with you 24-7: giving you and those around you immediate access to a protocol that has been proven to safe lives!  

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Your convenient life-saving "Life Saver" is just a click away! Every 40 seconds, someone has a heart attack - YOU can be prepared - for your family, friends - even yourself!  Each ALSaver can contain up to 8 life-saving aspirin pills OR other medicines which someone may need at a moment's notice! 


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